5 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

As they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are playful, loyal, loving, and empathetic. Due to the long history of humans and dogs, we have come to feel more comfortable and happier when we are around one another. It’s a relationship that has outlived the original perception of dogs as work animals. We now keep dogs for their companionship, as precious family pets, and as friends. But, the benefits of having a dog go beyond the feelings of love and comfort. These animals have a huge effect on our health both physically and emotionally. Here are the top 5 health benefits of owning a dog.


1. One major benefit of owning a dog is lowered stress and blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, dogs provide you with love and comfort. Having this love and comfort can help reduce anxiety and stress. A study gave people a stressful task and revealed that they experienced less stress when with their pets. It was better when compared to being with friends, family member or spouse.


2. It boosts your immunity. While eating raw beetroot health benefits include boosting your immunity, Owning a dog has also been shown to boost a person’s immune system. A study conducted also found that a pet in a home reduces the chances of childhood allergies. The same research also revealed that kids living with pets had a stronger immune system later in life.


3. It leads to a stronger heart. Even though it’s indirectly, owning a dog as your pet reduces the risk of heart disease. We had earlier mentioned that owning a dog leads to lowered blood pressure. Also, it leads to better triglyceride levels. A lowered blood pressure coupled with better triglyceride levels leads to lesser chances of heart disease.


4. Another benefit is better pain management. A study conducted in hospitals showed that surgery patients are able to handle pain better and recover faster when their dogs are with them. It has been shown to reduce arthritis pain and migraine as well.


5. It leads to emotional development. Learning to care for a dog, especially when he/she is still young enables a sense of responsibility and improves social skills. Dogs can even increase self-confidence and literacy skills in children.


These are just five of the many benefits you can enjoy by owning a dog. They better our health and lives in many ways, and in addition, provide social relaxation. You now have more than one reason why you should get a dog.